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Private Info About Good Topics for a Profiling Essay Only the Experts Know Exist

Private Info About Good Topics for a Profiling Essay Only the Experts Know Exist If you wish to use WordPress you need to utilize Linux hosting. The multiple topics might be found, for instance, in the dissertation abstracts international database. Writing a college application essay is hard, these are a few helpful hints and suggestions on how to construct and compose the very best essay possible. You spend a whole lot of education on writing argumentative essays. Excellent Topics for College Application Essays There are lots of topics that you're able to use for your college application essays. To compose a strong argumentative essay, students should start by familiarizing themselves with a number of the common, and frequently conflicting, positions on the research topic so they can write an educated paper. When prior brainstorming is finished, you can begin drafting your essay. It's only then can a great dissertation be written. Taking into account that lots of persuasive essays concern controversial topics, before writing, you can want to sit down and think of what your opinion on the topic actually is. The Foolproof Good Topics for a Profiling Essay Strategy Before you turn in your assignment, you will want to appear over it one final moment. You may also choose any latest research work that's a little controversial to allure the readers to compose argumentative essay. Besides general knowledge you have concerning this issue, you won't mind dedicating some opportunity to research, writing procedure, and other things essential for the high-quality essay. It's important to select debatable argumentative essay topics since you need opposing points you could counter to your own points. Argue that chess isn't a sport. These types of essays need a lot of in-depth research and a careful perusal of all of the perspectives or arguments for and against a specific stance. Argumentative essays are given by instructors to comprehend how well the student has done their homework in addition to how well they've conducted their research. The Start of Good Topics for a Profiling Essay The shortage of fantastic support sources will end in a decrease grade. At the conclusion of these list, you will discover links to a range of argumentative paragraphs and essays. So, it's a significant foundation for assorted epic stories! Should you need college essay help, there are plenty of things which you can do in order to direct you in writing your college admission essay. You may continue to keep your argumentative essays for your upcoming job portfolio in case they're highly graded. As an issue of fact, the content of your essay is dependent on what you're likely to write about. Your professor or client reads a great deal of essays and a great majority are written by men and women who like to play it safe. Helpline empathic order to some other nation essay. For those who haven't introduced any kind of solution in your essay, perhaps encourage other people to become more conscious of your topic. Morality has a collection of unsolved problems, the solution on which usually presents a selection. It is frequently a great idea to opt for a topic that tends to elicit an emotional reaction. For instance, think about the topic from the above mentioned link regarding traditional versus alternative medication. An argumentative essay requires you to choose a topic and have a position on it. It is a good idea to steer clear of argument essay topics on moral issues because they don't support logical discussion. When you are requested to pick a great topic for your argument, start with something you're familiarized with. Deciding on the ideal topic for an argumentative essay is contingent on the circumstance and field of study. You don't need to find super technical with legal argumentative essays, but make sure to do your homework on what the recent laws about your favorite topic actually say. In order to get this done, you will need to get a list of argumentative essay topics, select the very best for you and present strong arguments. Last word of advice is to ask your teacher before the last decision about this issue selection for argumentative essays. Go through the list below. Getting the Best Good Topics for a Profiling Essay Even if you think in a specific argument very strongly, if you lack the evidence to demonstrate your point, then your argument might just be as great as lost. Remember an argumentative essay is based more on facts rather than emotion. For an argumentative essay it's smart to set up three claims which provides a strong reason behind your stance on the topic issue. Attempt to keep the full thing within the reach of the subject. Some individuals live their lives in accordanc e with their religion while some don't think you should factor that into decision making in regards to determining rules for everybody. You're not trying to draw folks to your side with emotions. When you're picking your topic, remember that it's much simpler to write about something which you currently have interest ineven in case you don't know a good deal about it. In every nation, individuals obey legal laws.

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The Enlightment Period in Japan through the Novel Snashiro...

The Enlightenment Period was all about new ways of thinking about life during the 18th century in Europe. The age of Enlightenment was during a time when society came to a conclusion that life could be improved through modernization. Some philosophers like Rousseu and Wollstonecraft challenged society’s beliefs. Japan however embraced everything it could from Europe. The novel Sanshiro guides us to acknowledge how Japan adopted ideas from the European Enlightenment, modernization, philosophies and freedom. Sanshiro novel is a classic example of how Japan transitioned from old Japanese tradition values to a more modern life style such as the city of Tokyo. Shanshiro who moved to Tokyo from his countryside saw of a more modern†¦show more content†¦Sanshiro perceived Tokyo as a place of open communication, thoughts, and motivation and character Sanshiro was always trying to compare the two distinct places which is the countryside and the city. Throughout the book one can see the concept of Enlightenment strongly emphasized in the city of Tokyo. For example one could see this city flourishing with freedom of thought and expression and people living by their individual thoughts . In the novel Sanshiro the main characters were from Hongo. Hongo is in the district of Yamanote which is basically the high city of Tokyo. The Yamanote had a main administration and government. The private homes of the new Japanese lead were the main start to the modern Japanese state and personified the intellectual and administrative culture of the time. Their establishments were now new buildings and facilities for the city’s educational, administrative, military, and cultural establishments. Sanshiro learned a lot about the modern world through the help of his Professor Hirota. Hirota was a Western educated man who taught English at the First National College (Rubin 2002, 245-6) Hirota throughout the novel became very close to Sanshiro and ended up to be like a father for him. Sanshiro feels very connected to Hirota because he is the epitome of the modern Japanese individualist. Tokyo was becoming the center of modern life and the most modernized place in Japan. Western

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Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier - Thesis essay - 1815 Words

The way an individual is seen and the impression that person makes upon others determines the way that person is treated. If one has charisma and self confidence in ones own abilities, those around unconsciously recognise this trait and are inclined to respond with respect. In Daphne du Mauriers novel Rebecca, the narrator Mrs de Winters lack of self confidence and assertion are responsible for the lack of respect she receives from others. In comparison, when a character, such as Charlotte Brontes Jane Eyre has self confidence, she earns the respect of both other characters and herself. Mrs de Winter in Rebecca, is a young woman who openly admits to herself and her readers that she is a martyr to [her] own inferiority complex;†¦show more content†¦Mrs Danvers, Manderleys housekeeper, is both aware of and delighted by the narrators fear of her. She is almost encouraged to continue her intimidation of the narrator, under the guise of subservient courtesy. As Mrs de Winter is not in possession of her own personal maid, Mrs Danvers is entrusted with the task of appointing one. This she fulfils, choosing a young girl of negligible experience and who was, the only person in the house who stood in awe of the narrator, insinuating that only the lowliest of servants finds it necessary to respect Mrs de Winter, because Clarice has had no alarming standards and consequently they seem to be fit company (p 143). Eventually though, after experiencing for only a short time, Mrs de Winters insecurities and uncertainties, Clarice is confident enough to confide in her mothe r that serving the narrator is not like being with a lady... its like being with one of ourselves (p 151). By this it can be assumed that Clarice is referring to the similar class and background she shares with the narrator, therefore considering it unnecessary to respect or fear the narrator, as the similarities they share are so numerous and of such social importance. This familiarisation, as perceived by Maxim and consequently, the narrator (devoid of her own opinions) is indeed an insult and displays a lack of respect for her betters on the part of Clarice, further lowering the

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Civil War Reconstruction free essay sample

Whites in the south were left without people to work their plantations. Slavery was indeed a very important topic during this time. Many of the reconstruction plans that were proposed required states to prohibit slavery in order to be readmitted to the union. When the Civil War ended in 1865, there was no definite plan for reconstructing the Union. This was a Very serious matter. President Lincoln had begun thinking about this while he was in office. In 1863 he proposed his Ten Percent Plan.This policy would allow seceding states to return to the Union if ten percent of their prewar voters took an oath of loyalty to the Union and if the state would prohibit slavery. Although the plan forced states o prohibit slavery it did not force them to grant equal rights to blacks. The Ten Percent Plan was a good idea but some Republicans felt that it was not strict enough. This paved the way for the Wade-Davis Bill. This bill required the majority of a states prewar voters to pledge loyalty to the Union and that blacks were seen as equal in the eyes of the law.These plans led to controversy. Some people felt that because the constitution never mentioned succession, the states never actually seceded the Union so they didnt need to be formally readmitted. Others felt that the states from the South had given up their rights once they left the Union so they must be readmitted. Upon the close of the Civil War, Congress was not in session. They would not meet again until December. This left the burden of developing a reconstruction plan on the shoulders of President Andrew Johnson.So in May of 1865 Johnnys Reconstruction Plan was unveiled. Under this plan, Johnson gave pardons and restored property rights to former white landowners if they pledged loyalty to the Union and the Constitution. Southerners that held prominent positions in the Confederacy and had more Han $20,000 worth of taxable land had to ask the president directly for a pardon. Johnnys Plan had nothing to say about the rights of blacks after the war. Most Northern Democrats favored Johnnys Plan. However Southerners were not so impressed.Many of the southern states accepted Johnnys plan but some of them attacked the black rights issue. Some states would not ratify, the thirteenth amendment. None of the southern states WOUld allow blacks to vote. In late 1865 the southern States revised their slave codes into what became know as the black codes. This basically stripped lacks of every right and justice that was due to them. Since Johnnys plan did not address the rights and liberties of blacks, the southern states took it into their own hands to create their own laws regarding blacks.When Congress met again they began to fight for the rights of blacks. They responded to the black codes by passing the Civil Rights Act of 1866. President Johnson vetoed the bill but Congress overruled his veto with a 2/3 majority vote. Congress view of President Johnson began to deteriorate. The Military Reconstruction Acts did not go over well with President Johnson. He vetoed the bill, however the Radical Republicans passed it over Johnnys veto. These acts began in 1 867 and began what was known as Radical Reconstruction.Under this plan the south was divided into five districts. Excluding Tennessee because they had already been readmitted into the Union. Each of the districts were headed by a general. The main goal of the leader was to increase voter registration of blacks and to see to it that white confederates did not get back into office as they were before. The new voters would then vote on a new constitution that allowed blacks to vote. If he majority of the voters ratified the new constitution and the fourteenth amendment then the state would be eligible for readmission to the Union. These bills covered the objectives of Radical Republicans. They called for universal suffrage, made it likely that republicans would be put into office in southern states, and they set the standards for readmission. The south had to suffer the consequences of being defeated. To ensure their acts, Congress passed the Tenure of Office Act which prohibited the president from removing certain officeholders without the permission of the Senate. President Johnson deliberately violated this by firing Secretary of State Edwin Stanton.President Johnson was tried for impeachment but the Senate could not convict him. During this time many things were done to help free blacks in the South. The thirteenth amendment prohibited slavery. The Freedmans Bureau was created to assist blacks with things such as education and finding homes. The Homestead Act which gave blacks preferential treatment to get public land in the south. The Civil Rights Act of 1866 defined what civil rights were entitled to citizens. The fourteenth amendment which prohibited states from allotting the rights of their citizens.The fifteenth amendment which guaranteed every male citizen the right to vote regardless of race. Although the government did all these things to help the black man, it was still tough living in this era. The UK Klux Klan were at the height of their power. If was hard for blacks to farm because they could not get supplies on credit. There were not many opportunities for free blacks other than work for very small wages on a white persons farm or move to the city and work in a factory. This is what led to the migration of blacks from the farms to the cities and from south to north.

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Tektronix, Inc. Global Erp Implementation Essay Sample free essay sample

Business Context/Key Business Drivers †¢ Tektronix. Inc. was founded in 1946 as a shaper of electronic proving equipment. In 1993 Tektronix had grown to be a $ 1. 3 billion maker of electronic tools and devices. It was based in the United States and had an international presence in about 60 states. †¢ After 50 old ages of success. the company was confronting increasing planetary competition of hi-tech manufacturer of electronic equipment. Tektronix should simplify and reconstitute its operations. A cardinal enabler was the execution of a endeavor resource planning ( ERP ) to standardise the information engineering ( IT ) substructure every bit good as fiscal system. Inaugural Objectives/Benefits Despite the fact the company was a market portion leader in some merchandises ; it was hampered by a fifty-year old bequest that limited its flexibleness and growing chance by planetary integrating. There were many application systems around the universe and the company lacked accurate information and integrating between the systems. It was hard see the fiscal studies every bit good as where the cost could be cut. We will write a custom essay sample on Tektronix, Inc.: Global Erp Implementation Essay Sample or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page The company was split into 3 divisions: Color Printing and Imaging Division ( CPID ) . Measurement Business Division ( MBD ) and Video and Networking Division ( VND ) . The execution of ERP could back up and incorporate all division company. enabling it to be a planetary competition. increasing efficiencies. Inaugural challenges †¢ Tektronix chose Oracle system to be implemented. The company had to develop new concern process/model that was able to suit into the ERP. The company created a maneuvering committe to turn to those issues. The system was implemented by division and after in 23 states and it took less than 500 yearss to be completed. Below some challenges and inaugural found during the execution: Depto. / Division Financials Initiative / Challenges †¢ Standardization of charts-of-accounts and riddance of most of the complex transportation pricing patterns that were in topographic point. †¢ Many linguistic communications into the company. †¢ It was the highest speed. the most commodity-type concern. and the greatest needed to cover with growing. †¢ Instability of â€Å"beta† version. Approach †¢ Contracted little and big consulting houses every bit good as independent adviser ( Arias ) . †¢ Decreed that English would be the individual li nguistic communication used for concern indoors Tektronix. †¢ Tektronix decided to travel with a â€Å"beta† version of the bundle. †¢ Contracted a big consulting house for aid. †¢ It was able to larn powerful lessons. construct internal accomplishments. and set up patterns that helped with all of the future execution stages. OMAR – CPID OMAR – MBD †¢ More complex environment construction division ) . †¢ They met a batch of opposition. OMAR – VND OMAR – Global Rollout †¢ The smallest division. †¢ It had the most complex merchandises. †¢ The division was in procedure of shriving a recent acquisition and incorporating a subordinate in California. †¢ Managers placed less accent on ERP execution. †¢ After execution in the US. the company planned to widen its â€Å"wave† attack to international sites. †¢ Complete the execution of ERP system in less than 2 old ages. †¢ Tackled the linguistic communication hard to non English-speaking states. †¢ Contracted Oracle advisers. †¢ Review the concern model many times to understand why they were making that. †¢ They pursued a vigorous proving plan. †¢ It benefited from all the anterior execution. †¢ They did a speedy execution. †¢ Few people. less opposition and easier to develop. †¢ The executive degree was less involved. †¢ Started with Europe. †¢ The company utilized the â€Å"big-bang† attack. †¢ The execution was done or completed on clip in 23 states. †¢ Worldwide. the company had full information visibleness. by division. of all the stock list and minutess. Consequences Although it cost about $ 55 million in package. internal and contract labour. the squad members were proud and satisfied with the accomplishments. The company had now capacity to turn its concern well. concern procedure benefited from increased efficiency and standardisation. there was better visibleness into client and merchandises than of all time before. The company was more flexible to get new concern and divest others. Because of betterment of informations integrating the fiscal analysis were more dependable. The operation of the concern could be better manageable. Tektronix CFO and CIO were masters of all the success achieved by the company. Their leading was important because they have the right vision for execution of the new system. They were able to link the demands with all squad and follow up the execution of the system. Relevance and analysis †¢ Harmonizing to Thomas H. Davenport ( Puting the Enterprise into the Enterprise System ) . there are many benefits every bit good as some booby traps. The Tektronix executives fundamentally followed all the regulations. ERP is a complex system that should be reconciled with the concern demands. The concern procedure must be modified to suit the system. There are tremendous costs of execution. The organisational behaviour should be structured to accommodate the new system. †¢ Tektronix executives did a really good occupation. One country they could hold done otherwise would be to pass a little more clip comparing characteristic and cost of other ERPs alternatively of taking Oracle as â€Å"the best option. † †¢ Implement a new IT system is non a undertaking easy. It is important understand how it works. its characteristics and how it can suit. empower and alter the concern company. Establish an execution program and give support of squad leaders is another cardinal issue to the concern success. The consequences will be reached. Mentions: hypertext transfer protocol: //www. tek. com/ hypertext transfer protocol: //en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Tektronix hypertext transfer protocol: //en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Enterprise_resource_planning Davenport. Thomas H. ( 1998 ) – Puting the Enterprise into the Enterprise System.

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How do religion, culture and ethnicity affect the success or failure of a global enterprise in China

How do religion, culture and ethnicity affect the success or failure of a global enterprise in China There are many factors that would tend to have a significant impact to the success or failure of global enterprises or businesses operating in international scenes. As a matter of fact, these factors are highly regarded in every segment of the modern business world, considering their significant impact on businesses.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on How do religion, culture and ethnicity affect the success or failure of a global enterprise in China? specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More These factors would tend to serve as perfect guidelines for global entrepreneurs in their business plans, especially when they intend to venture into new markets or when planning to expand their businesses to other regions. There is no doubt that these factors form part of the most important things that global entrepreneurs would consider when laying planning for their businesses. This paper observes some of the ways in which factors such a s religion, culture and ethnicity affect the success or failure of global enterprises. In order to offer valid information of how these factors may influence global enterprises, China is used in this paper as the country to research. The paper also highlights the factors that could impact upon the decision making of the global entrepreneur in the selected country. Cultural and ethnic diversities in China and their Impact on Global Enterprises China is not only recognised as the fastest advancing economy in the world, but also as one of the most multicultural countries in the world today. The multiculturalism of China would come as a result of globalization and other factors that would include technological changes, an aging workforce and high demand for knowledge and skills in various areas. Globalisation simply refers to the constant process through which different cultures, societies and economies interact with each other on global scales. Globalisation is said to be synonymous wi th the economic development and success of a nation, and this is evident in China where various aspects of globalisation have continued to play a significant role in transforming every sector of the economy (Combs et al. 2006, p. 517). Ever since the era of globalisation, China has undergone a massive social and economic transformation. The industrial revolution was arguably one of the most important periods in the globalization timeline. This period would see a significant improvement in the quantity and quality of commodities in various regions of the world. This, in turn helped to improve global business relations between countries through exports of products. The first phase of globalisation would come to an end after World War I. This war had brought adverse implications on the economic scenario, leading to a number of major crises that would affect the world in the 1920s and 1930s. Some of these crises are the gold standard crisis and the Great Depression..Advertising Looking for essay on cultural studies? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Globalisation in the modern era, which occurred after World War II, has had a greater impact to the global business scenario, compared with the previous phase of globalisation. The global leaders had used this opportunity to enhance economic ties between countries allover the world. More importantly, it was also in the course of this time when many major countries came to attain their independence. Following this significant advancement, the involved countries would start their own bilateral systems which served as avenues for economic relations with the rest of the world. These developments helped to strengthen the global economic situation, thus leading to improved trade relations among countries. Other significant developments whose occurrence had been facilitated by globalisation include the establishment of the United Nations Organization (UNO), the World Trade Organization, creation of global corporations, and blend of tradition and culture across the nations. These factors played a key role in making China a multicultural country as people of different ethnicities found their way into the country mainly for economic-related reasons. As various scholar and researchers have concluded, the largest impact of globalisation on countries would occur in the course of the modern age. For example, it was during this era when widespread development would take place in all sectors of China’s economy. This has further contributed to increased interactions between China and other countries, and in that case, sharing of cultural aspects, ideas, and traditions would occur, putting a direct influence on the country’s globalisation process. In a matter of decades, China has changed from a determinedly Chinese nation to one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world. As it would be observed, the aspect of cultural diver sity has had far-reaching implications for the Asian country. China’s diverse cultures have significantly continued to impact many aspects of the way the nation relates with other countries around the world, especially in matters to do with business and commerce. Multiculturalism is a construct that would tend to bring significant implications to societies (Cox Balke 1991, p. 57). There is no doubt that this social construct has played a crucial role in promoting the current economic success currently enjoyed by China. As we all know, culture means a shared, system of values, attitudes, and beliefs that influences people’s behaviors and perceptions in life. Basically, culture is shared by all members of a particular society, and in that case, people within a particular society will tend to live in patterned ways as they are adopted through a continuous process of social interaction. There is no doubt that multiculturalism in China has continued to play a crucial role in their economic development over the years.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on How do religion, culture and ethnicity affect the success or failure of a global enterprise in China? specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Today, China is ranked position two among the biggest economies of the world after the United States. For this reason, other countries around the world, particularly the developing ones, have increasingly continued to look to China as a successful model that they can emulate in all aspects. There are numerous ways in which multiculturalism in China has continued to impact the success of global enterprises in the country. For example, talking about ethnicity, China claims over 55 different ethnicities from different parts of the world. This diversity has continued to bring many opportunities to the Asian country, in terms of international business and marketing. By migrating from their home countries and bec oming part of China, these diverse communities have helped to enrich the entire Chinese society, since they tend to allow people experience different ways of dealing with various processes of life. China had long discovered the benefits that can be realised from cultural diversity, and in that case, it opened its borders to foreign investors from all parts of the world. The country has always shown great concern in encouraging its diverse population to always appreciate each other’s culture in the society for the benefit of the country’s economy. Launching an enterprise in global scale presents many challenges to entrepreneurs, especially if the targeted countries are ethnically homogenous. As it would be observed, global enterprises will tend to be successful in multi-ethnic countries than in ethically homogenous countries. As a multi-ethnic nation, China offers a great economic equality to foreign investors regardless of their backgrounds, and this makes it easy for global enterprises to thrive in the country. As it would be observed, language differences between nations are one of the more obvious challenges that global enterprises must come across when venturing new regions. This, however, has never been the case with China where cultural diversity has helped to increase cross-cultural interaction and communication. Moreover, diverse cultural countries have a variety of people from different ethnicities and this helps in promoting a friendly business environment for global enterprises (Lockwood 2005, p. 4). Through effective management of the cultures, China has managed to attract a large pool of investors into its business organizations. This brilliant approach would see the country benefit a lot from diverse ethnicity.Advertising Looking for essay on cultural studies? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The effects of cultural diversity on organizational performance can never be overestimated. Numerous studies have shown cultural diversity to have had a positive impact on the overall performance of organisations that have embraced cultural diversity as a significant tool for business success (Bhatia Chaudary 2003, p. 79). Being a multi-ethnic nation, China provides a promising basis for all the benefits that can be associated with racial diversity. Some of these benefits include, but are not limited to, improved productivity, enhanced team cooperation, performance effectiveness, and improved consumer markets with a wide exposure to labour markets. Other notable benefits here include enhanced employer images, improved motivation and commitment, and enhanced effectiveness of complex organisational aspects. All these aspects of a well-managed cultural diversity can be observed in a country such as China which is an ethnic diverse nation, and they play a very crucial role in ensuring that global enterprises survive in the country with very minimal challenges, compared to what would happen in a scenario where homogenous diversity applies. This, however, yields significant commercial benefits to global enterprises interested in venturing the rapidly changing business environment of China. Impact of religion on global enterprises in China Like culture and ethnicity, religion has had a significant impact on global enterprises operating in China. In the period before globalisation, Confucianism and Buddhism would have a strong impact on China’s economy for a very long time. Being part of the Chinese culture, these two philosophies had a significant role to play in almost every aspect of Chinese life. This will have the meaning that, the two philosophies seriously influenced the way Chinese people lived. As it would be observed, both Buddhism and Confucianism aimed at promoting harmony in China, and their teachings emphasised for inner peace in the country. In short, the two philosophies set out the right path which people should follow in ensuring that peace and harmony were preserved in the society. Due to the strong values of the philosophies, global enterprises venturing China would face fewer challenges if any. Since the two philosophies governed every relationship and operation including trade affairs, this would see the Chinese economy start integrating into the global economy in the year 1978, when the country opened up to the world (Lee Peterson 2001, p. 412). China’s economy has been growing rapidly in the past few decades. However, this economic success is closely associated with the two philosophies, among other factors as it has been shown in previous chapters of this work. More importantly, the Chinese business community in the global market, which has also been very successful, reflects the two philosophies in their organisational structure. Being a multicultural nation, China enjoys a wide range of different religi ons drawn from all parts of the world. In this case, even though global enterprises may sometimes face stiff challenges from some indigenous Chinese cultures whose teachings may tend to contrast their business values, things cannot be so complicated with the multi-ethnic construct of the country’s population. China’s ethnic diversity is a clear indication that the country boasts of a great number of religions. Obviously, there is a religion for every culture that exists in China and even more religious groups and subgroups for people coming from different national identities. In this regard, the many tribes in China serve as a cushion for global entrepreneurs intending to invest in the country who are likely to come across their own religions or other religions whose teachings may be in line with their business values. The place of Women in Chinese society In China, as in all societies nowadays, the controversial question of the position that should be taken by women s till remains a matter of debate across different social units. As it would be observed, the role of women in the country would tend to differ greatly across the social borders. Women in modern China may not be repressed any longer by the strong cultural values and beliefs that were practiced in the country for centuries, but they are currently experiencing pressures from social settings and limitations in some areas of accountability. This means that women in China are still facing discrimination and prejudice in the workplace. This, however, has been a common practice which has been enhanced by the traditional values of the Chinese and philosophical views such as Confucianism, which berated strong women in the society. Even though the position of women in Chinese society has dramatically changed over the years, probably as a result of the country’s recent development in terms of economy, the power granted to women has not extended beyond family affairs (Ralston et al. 2005, pp. 24). This can be explained in the sense that, women in China continue to face glass ceiling barriers despite the increased employment and business opportunities for all. Even though the country’s rapid development has changed the lives of women in the society, women still assume a relatively subordinate position to their male counterparts in diverse sectors of the economy. These challenges and limitations do not only affect Chinese women, but they also serve as significant barriers for global female entrepreneurs intending to invest in the country. Conclusion As it has been observed in this paper, religion, culture and ethnicity are significant factors that can influence the success or failure of global enterprises. These factors are just among the key things that global entrepreneurs will tend to put into consideration when venturing into a business in a foreign country. Among these factors, culture and ethnicity are observed to have a massive influence in all areas of t he economy as it is in this example about China. These factors may be either favourable or unfavourable to global entrepreneurs depending on the nature of the country they intend to venture. For instance, in this particular case about China, culture and ethnicity appears to favour global entrepreneurs in all aspects. However, the place of women in the society is still a matter of question in China, as in all societies, and this can affect the decision making of a global entrepreneur, especially if they are women. Recommendations Religion, culture, and ethnicity are important factors that would tend to have a significant impact on businesses. These factors can lead to business success or failure, depending on the way they are applied. In this regard, developing countries should follow the example of China and try to ensure that these factors are tailored to fit the needs of global entrepreneurs to enhance their development. It will also be necessary for global entrepreneurs to determ ine how these factors would apply in their areas of interest, for this will make them come up with the right business decisions, thus sparing them future embarrassments and disappointments. In regard with discrimination and prejudice against women because of gender-based reasons, it is time countries focused more on the economical benefits that could be realized by giving women a fair treatment in all levels of the economy. With about 46% of its labour force constituting of women, China serves a good example for other countries that still hold the perception that women cannot hold the same positions as their male counterparts in the society. However, the country should ensure that there are no glass ceilings for this category of people when it comes to promotions and sharing of responsibilities and benefits in the workplace. Reference List Bhatia, S., K Chaudary, P 2003, Managing Cultural Diversity in Globalization- Key to Business Success of Global Managers- Insights and Strategie s, Deep Deep Publication Pvt Ltd, New Delhi. Combs, J., Liu, Y., Hall, A, Ketchen, D 2006, ‘How much do high†performance work practices matter? A meta†analysis of their effects on organizational performance’, Personnel Psychology, vol. 59, no. 3, pp. 501-528. Cox, T Balke, S 1991, ‘Managing Cultural Diversity: Implications for Organizational Competitiveness’, Academy of Management Executive, vol. 5, no. 3, pp. 55-59. Lee, S. M Peterson, S. J 2001, ‘Culture, entrepreneurial orientation, and global competitiveness’, Journal of World Business, vol. 35, no. 4, pp. 401-416. Lockwood, N 2005, Workplace diversity: Leveraging the power of difference for competitive advantage, Society for Human Resource Management, New York. Ralston, D., Holt, D., Terpstra, R, Kai-Cheng, Y 2008, ‘The impact of national culture and economic ideology on managerial work values: A study of the United States, Russia, Japan, and China’, Journal o f International Business Studies, vol. 39, no. 1, pp. 8-26.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Heinrich Wolfflin's book, Principles of Art History Essay

Heinrich Wolfflin's book, Principles of Art History - Essay Example There is more use of much plane in the renaissance drawing by order of presenting strata parallels to the planes of the picture. There are forward and backward relations in the renaissance picture and this are indicated with a look at the planes as presented in the background walls. There is also presentation of a foreground that is simple in both pictures. However, in the renaissance picture, it is easier to explain the foreground formation than the background plane view. The reverse is seen in the baroque picture. Actually, the presentation in the baroque picture is recessional. There are also multiple presentations of planes. The scene has a small group of multiple people. There are very few planes that discrete because each of the figure distances is occupied by an overlapping figure. This allows the viewer to travel their eyes through the painting in a similarly overlapping manner . From the pictures, it is determined that the renaissance picture as presented by Giovanni’ s in the ‘Lamentation with Saints (1490)’ presents an aspect of flat planes. Some parallelism is also presented as indicated by the background walls hanging over the group of people. The presentation in the baroque picture by Reuben indicates diagonal movements of the axes that directly create an attraction to the picture movement as opposed to the plane’s flatness. A comparison of the two pictures indicates much plane in renaissance than the recession in baroque. This refers to a comparison between an entity that is self-contained.